1. TIGRESS ( military action procedural ) :

An American Kurd, raised in exile, returns to her homeland to become the first female sniper in the fight against ISIS.

2 . CALL OF THE CROW ( ensemble drama ) :

In their pursuit of a better life, a group of young Middle-Eastern immigrants lives collide in a

German refugee camp, where the price of freedom may be your life.


3 . SKELTON PARK ( historical drama / horror ) :

In Victorian England, a pair of orphaned twin sisters are sent to work as maids at the mysterious estate of a wealthy family and delve into the sinister past of their employers .


4 . AMERICAN PAIN ( serialized medical drama ) :

A young doctor on the brink of bankruptcy is seduced into a pill-peddling scheme by his drug-dealing ex-girlfriend.


5 . THE PROVIDER ( family / workplace drama ) :

Explores the daily life and work of a female pimp and her struggle to provide for her family as well as the surrogate family of women she employs .


6 . PLAGUE DOCTORS ( historical / medical drama ) :

When an outbreak of the Black Plague threatens to kill millions, two doctors (one in modern times, the other in 1665 London) race against the clock to stop it .

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Based on a true story. After the death of their father at the hands of the Taliban, three Afghan siblings are separated. In order to reunite, 14-year old Noora and her little brother must set out on a perilous 3,000 mile journey to the European border .


2 . CALL OF THE CROW  ( feature film version ) :

 same premise .

3 . THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN ( studio feature ) :

remake of the 1985 cult film for Sony Pictures .



Explores the aftermath of a sexual assault in the Middle East .

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