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1. TIGRESS ( military action procedural ) :

An American Kurd, raised in exile, returns to her homeland to become the first female sniper in the fight against ISIS.


2. QUEEN OF THE SANDS ( pilot ) :

When a nomad girl is captured and plunged into the treacherous world of the royal harem, she must join forces with an ancient desert spirit to overthrow the Caliph who nearly hunted her tribe to extinction.

3 . CALL OF THE CROW ( ensemble drama ) :

In their pursuit of a better life, a group of young Middle-Eastern immigrants lives collide in a

German refugee camp, where the price of freedom may be your life.


4 . SKELTON PARK ( historical drama / horror ) :

In Victorian England, a pair of orphaned twin sisters are sent to work as maids at the mysterious estate of a wealthy family and delve into the sinister past of their employers .


5 . AMERICAN PAIN ( serialized medical drama ) :

A young doctor on the brink of bankruptcy is seduced into a pill-peddling scheme by his drug-dealing ex-girlfriend.


6 . THE PROVIDER ( family / workplace drama ) :

Explores the daily life and work of a female pimp and her struggle to provide for her family as well as the surrogate family of women she employs .


7 . PLAGUE DOCTORS ( historical / medical drama ) :

When an outbreak of the Black Plague threatens to kill millions, two doctors (one in modern times, the other in 1665 London) race against the clock to stop it .

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Based on a true story. After the death of their father at the hands of the Taliban, three Afghan siblings are separated. In order to reunite, 14-year old Noora and her little brother must set out on a perilous 3,000 mile journey to the European border .


2 . CALL OF THE CROW  ( feature film version ) :

 same premise .

3 . THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN ( studio feature ) :

remake of the 1985 cult film for Sony Pictures .



Explores the aftermath of a sexual assault in the Middle East .

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